Thank you for choosing to have your coffee, cake or meal with us today

If you, our customer, ask us what our goal is, we’ll tell you it is to exceed your expectations for product, service and image every time you visit. And as much as we would love for it to be possible, we know that in this real world, while it may be possible for service and image to be nearly perfect every time, food and coffee is another thing all together, because your tastes and many varying preferences play a big part in your experience.

So, while we would love for you to leave here today completely happy and satisfied with your coffee, cake, meal or drink, the reality is that some of you may not.

Firstly, we want you to know that we care if you are not happy or satisfied with any of the food or drink purchases you make here. One, because you are spending your hard-earned money to treat yourself, and you deserve to leave here feeling great about your purchase, and your visit here in general. And two, being consumers ourselves, that is what we genuinely want for you.

Secondly, we would love for you to tell us if there is anything about your visit here today that you are not completely satisfied with. It’s the only way we can improve in the areas that you believe we fall short. And, we would prefer not to fall short!

As a business in this day of global social media it’s wonderful to have people leave positive feedback on Facebook or other social media platforms, and we welcome and encourage it. But, on the other hand, it hurts when someone leaves negative feedback, especially when we have not been told at the time that person is dissatisfied, and we have not been given an opportunity to fix it, either at that moment, or for the future. If we do not know, how can we make it up to you and how can we improve for the future.

Please help us to be the best for you. We implore you to let us know if we fall short in any way. We need to know! To us, the communication from a dissatisfied customer is not a horrible thing. In fact, we welcome and appreciate it because it gives us an opportunity to rectify the situation and show you that we genuinely care.
If, on any visit you are dissatisfied with our product, service or image and you don’t want to tell us, then please be fair with us, do the right thing and don’t leave a negative comment on social media. But, if you’ve given us a chance to make it up to you after we know what the issue is, and we let you down again, or you feel that we don’t care, then we believe it is fair if you want to leave a negative comment or feedback on social media about us. Hopefully, it will never be allowed to get that far.

On the other hand, we don’t expect compliments for a job well done either. But, if they happen to come our way, they will always be received with a thankful heart. Just seeing you come back is reward enough, and a hint that we are doing something right. It also gives us great satisfaction because we believe you appreciate being here.

I am putting my mobile where my mouth is. If there is anything that you are unhappy about and it hasn’t been able to be dealt with to your satisfaction by our team if I am not here, then please call me on 0414 485 872 and give me a chance to give you a positive outcome.       

Thank you for taking the time to read “Our Take on Customer Service”.

At Spill the Beans we care about our food - and we care about our customers.

Our produce is sourced locally and our dishes are prepared each day.

We offer gluten free, vegan, keto friendly dishes - please speak to our staff if you have any dietary requirements.

We can cater for your event at the cafe, or for takeaway.

Want host a fundraiser, a staff lunch?

Then please contact us to discuss your options.

At Spill The Beans we care about you.

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